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Privatisation of Magnohrom
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FOR THE POTENTIAL INVESTORS Producers, distributors, buyers of refractory materials The sale of the producer of refractory materials and electro-thermic products - Industry of of refarctories and electro-thermic products "Magnohrom" Kraljevo is in preparation. The above mentioned firm, in the section of production of refractories and with the tradition of 50 years, produces and sells shaped and unshaped refractory products based on magnesite, chromite, dolomite, dunite etc. for the linings of all aggregates in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy and in non-metallic industry as well. Magnohrom is a supplier of final products and adviser of everything which is related to production and application of refractories at key firms from mentioned fields all over the world. Besides the current business activity, a greater number of developing programmes have been prepared, for which the financial support is expected. In the direct vicinity of manufacturing capacities and the seat of the firm, our own magnesite mines are located with estimated reserves of 3 million tons and the mines of dolomite and dunite with reserves of more than 20 million tons. The elaboration of technological, economical and financial study regarding the privatization programme is given to the consulting firm "Nomura." The consulting firm NOMURA has already finished the profile of the company Magnohrom. You could require this profile from NOMURA or MAGNOHROM Kraljevo. The more deatiled information about this subject can be found at: 1.The Agency for Privatization of The Government of Republic of Serbia http://www.priv.yu Terazije 23/VI, SCG-11000 Beograd tel: 011/3020-800, fax: 011/3020-828 e-mail: info@priv.yu 2.Consulting firm Nomura International plc 1 St. Martin's-le-Grand London EC1A 4NP Direct: +44 20 7521 2379 Fax: +44 20 7521 1448 Mobile: +44 7802 925 762 E-mail: 3.The seat of the firm - The Industry "Magnohrom" Dositejeva b.b. SCG-3600 Kraljevo, Serbia and Montenegro Tel.: +381 36 331 322 Fax: +381 36 334 906 E 杕ail: primena@ptt.yu


Address: Dositejeva 314 Street Kraljevo-Serbia Postal Code: 36000 Website:

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