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Magnohrom is a producer of basic magnesia products which are used in iron,steel,cement, lime, glass and other industries. Magnohrom is the only basic refractory producer in Serbia. Nowadays it is a property of Agency of privatisation,Serbia and transits through the procces of restructuring. The main product of Magnohrom is sintermagnesite which is produced through process of sintering in rotary kiln - high temperature agregate Sintermagnesite is durable refractory material with wide application. Magnohrom has own mines with high quality of magnesite ore. The mines of Magnohrom are located within the region of 120km around Kraljevo. The major activities of company are: mining, preconcentration and benefication of magnesite at mines transport of beneficated magnesite to the factory of refractory material in Kraljevo production of a range of high grade - sintermagnesite and other products distribution of products at the world market.


Address: Dositejeva 314 Street Kraljevo-Serbia Postal Code: 36000 Website:

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